1. Alone


hate feeling lonely yet I’m loneliest when I’m not alone
Hopeless is a temporary place but it feels like home

How is it that the ones who always give, are the ones suffer the most?
I have poured my heart and soul, threw my trust and what was it for?

I still feel….

Delusional, fell in love with the wrong one
Deception, didn’t work like planned
Helpless, is that all that is left now?
I’m lost I don’t know what to do
I still feel

Tired, 'cus don’t sleep anymore
My paranoia keeps my demons too close
I don’t socialise, I’m a wreck
I’m confused of where I stand
I have no friends, I feel betrayed
I’m so alone, when will this end?

Lonely lonely,
what are you doing?
This is not the life you wanted to have
Frustration and desperation will get to you
if this doesn’t stop

How is it that when I’m in need space, I’m the one full of remorse?
I have poured my heart and soul, threw my trust but what was it for?
what was it for?
I still feel….

Please make them stop
I dont like these thoughts,

Cus When I think I drink
And when I drink I smoke
And when I smoke I cry
And I’ve cried for too long
I don’t like this song
Dont like this feeling in my gut
Can my anxiety stop
Please stop, please stop.