1. Cigarette


I met him in the park
I asked for a drag of his cigarette
He said you shouldn’t be sharing lips with someone you just met

Few months went by
we went from strangers to being friends
friends that used to stay the night
And loved being intimate

But I couldn’t convince you that I love you
Because you knew I couldn’t even love myself
So you took that weight out off your shoulders
cuz loving me, was your regret

I wonder if sometimes, you talk about me with your friends
The ones who never liked me
Because they saw how wrecked I am
But you didn’t care
You still held me, and it wasn’t fair,
it sucks that I couldn’t love you right
Because of my lack of confidence

and If I told you that I need you would you come back?
and If I told you that I love you,
would you still think l lie?
'cause I know you left,
without a second glance
‘cause loving me was your mistake

Where did I went wrong ?
Why did you let go ?
Did I came off as too strong?
Was I a little bit too much

You left the T.V on when you walked away
and that’s all I have left from you so I don’t want to shut it dead
I’m drunk every night, and still I can’t get you out my mind
And I wouldn’t be here crying,
If I didn’t ask for your cigarette